Fall 2020


  1. Being
    1. The Law
      1. Strength
      2. Beauty
      3. Goodness
    2. Chaos
      1. Frailty
      2. Horror
      3. Evil
  2. Having
    1. Power
      1. Wealth
      2. Joy
      3. Honor
    2. Void
      1. Poverty
      2. Pain
      3. Shame
  3. Doing
    1. Love
      1. Friendship
      2. Romance
      3. Parenthood
    2. Death
      1. Enmity
      2. Violence
      3. Enslavement


Beauty: the balanced lasts while the imbalanced fades away.

Being: how something breaks up into parts.

Chaos: disordered or ungrouped things.

Death: the end of work.

Doing: work or change.

Enmity: things against one another, as though moving in opposite directions.

Enslavement: taking something for use, like a tool.

Evil: the discordent fits in the working order while the harmonious stops.

Frailty: the lesser overcomes what's bigger than it.

Friendship: things for each other, as though moving in the same direction.

Goodness: appropriate or compatible, such that things work.

Having: being part of, or making up.

Honor: the promise of something that does not belong, is neither stored away or at hand.

Horror: disproportionate or patternless stands up while the even thing falls down.

Joy: something at hand where prior there was nothing.

The Law: things ordered by what they are.

Love: work resulting in coming together.

Poverty: lacking something and never having it.

Pain: the loss of something, leaving an empty space.

Power: things that can change.

Shame: debt, or the promise of loss, then lack.

Romance: when things come together as one.

Strength: the greater overcomes the weaker.

Parenthood: giving, like the passing of something on to another.

Violence: things falling apart.

Void: something that will never yield change.

Wealth: something stored away.